S&OP Self-assessment 2023

S&OP assessment 2023

Your objective is a supply chain which is optimally aligned with market demand. Hence, sales & operations planning (S&OP) is crucial. But what does S&OP really contribute to your company’s performance? Is S&OP delivering demonstrable results? To help you discover how well your S&OP process is actually functioning, Supply Chain Movement and Involvation have developed this practical self-assessment model.

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Fill in the answers, scoring zero for each ‘No’ and the number of points shown for each ‘Yes’. Add up the points to give your total score.

A sprinter, relay runner, triathlete or a hockey team?

For example, the S&OP proceses may resemble a 100-meter sprinter striving for personal victory, focused only on the next race. In this type of S&OP, there is little to no alignment between the various disciplines. Departments have individual targets that have little to no connection to the overall business strategy.

S&OP can also be similar to a relay runner to ensure optimal team performance in the next race. Within companies with this type of S&OP, there is some degree of collaboration and coordination between departments. Yet the focus is on short-term operational execution and there is little connection to long-term strategy.

Or is S&OP more like a triathlete, requiring strong individual performance and following a strategy to optimally complete the various parts to achieve the gold medal. Companies with this type of S&OP primarily pursue their own departmental goals, but with a focus on long-term success.

Finally, S&OP can also be like a field hockey team, in which each team member performs their role for the benefit of the entire team to grab the title at the end of the season. In this type of S&OP, business strategy and vision are at the center of the consideration of various disciplines. The disciplines are focused on achieving long-term success, and all activities are aligned with long-term goals.

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Download: S&OP self-assessment 2023