Recording webinar ‘Supply Chain Innovation & Start-ups’


Why do some businesses prefer to work with a supply chain start-up rather than an established software vendor? Besides innovation, the start-up’s drive and the ability for the customer to influence the final software solution are other key reasons. Some companies reserve a portion of their IT budget for experimenting together with start-ups.

Companies are interested in start-ups’ new ideas and clever algorithms. Another reason is co-creation. Start-ups rarely have a fully developed product, which gives both parties the opportunity to develop a solution together. This is interesting for the start-up because they learn a lot from the customer. And it’s interesting for the customer because it results in a solution that optimally meets their specific needs.

Very different energy

Another reason is the enthusiasm and service-focused nature of start-ups. A company that chooses a proven solution from an established software vendor often feels like just another customer. Working with a start-up gives a very different energy. The pricing model is another advantage. Start-ups often offer a cloud-based solution and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription, so companies don’t have to go through complex investment procedures. They also tend to be fast and flexible – some solutions can be implemented within just a few days – and have specific, interesting knowledge.

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