Recording webinar ‘Smart Logistics & Risk Management’


Supply Chain Media and PSI Logistics organized the webinar ‘Smart Logistics & Risk Management’.

The corona pandemic, climate change or the blockade of the Suez Canal have demonstrated that risk management is one of the most important control levers to ensure economic stability in a dynamic market environment.

Repeatedly companies are confronted with unforeseen events and forced to protect their supply chains through reactive emergency measures. To complement proactive methods alongside established measures, risk management should be part of strategic supply chain design. By integrating big data from different supply chain levels, companies maintain an overview and are able to act quickly. This digital twin provides advantages by increasing the transparency of increasingly complex supply networks and enabling optimization of existing processes.

In the recording of this webinar PSI Logistics presents two different case studies with the help of their software for Supply Chain Network Design PSIglobal.

The first case study shows optimization opportunities that arise in distribution logistics in the event of a failure of one warehouse. By considering various options for action, the new optimal logistics structure is determined and analyzed in terms of costs, service level and sustainability aspects.

The second case study contains flow of materials in a production network. In the context of supply chain resilience, “what-if” scenarios determine how production schedules at different locations can be more flexible in order to absorb failures or bottlenecks. Various cost types are integrated, e.g. transportation and production costs.


  • Tim Pietrowski – Logistics Engineer – PSI Logistics GmbH
  • Cindy Schmidt – Sales Manager – PSI Logistics GmbH

Missed this webinar?

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.