Slimstock – Platinum Partner

For over 15 years, Slimstock has been synonymous with better demand forecasting, effective inventory management, clearer inventory analysis and continuous improvement of inventory reliability. Over 400 companies in Europe – across a wide range of industries, covering large, as well as medium and small enterprises – use Slimstock solutions.

Slimstock philosophy is based on the fact that purchase planning and inventory management is a specialist area. That adding specialised software to your existing business software offers significant advantage, and that the best logistic solutions are developed and implemented by people with many years of practical experience in supply chain management.

Slimstock products provide valuable insight into your inventory, and deliver better and more efficient inventory planning, increased service levels, and lower inventory levels. You will also achieve higher margins and faster turnaround times. Slimstock – we guarantee – will increase your productivity and deliver an excellent return on investment

Expertise: Forecasting, Inventory Optimisation, Supply Chain Management & Vendor Managed Inventory

Industry focus: Automotive, Components, DIY, Wholesale, Pharma, Manufacturing, Retail, Sanitary, Spare parts and Steel

Slimstock has its headquarters in the Netherlands, with sales and support offices located in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Poland.

Slimstock B.V.
Zutphenseweg 29 G1
NL-7418 AH  Deventer
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)570-638400
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