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Jeroen van Weesep (Lego) is the Supply Chain Professional 2014

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Jeroen van Weesep (Lego) is the Supply Chain Professional 2014

– The Netherlands, 5 June 2014 – Jeroen van Weesep from Lego is the new figurehead of Dutch supply chain management. The Vice President Supply and Inventory Management Europe/Asia was chosen as Supply Chain Professional …


D-Day: Planning and Execution, the Supply Chain of Overlord

Getting supplies to the Allied forces was a crucial part of the Normandy Landings and the breakout from Normandy. The supply chains from the USA to the beaches in France were changed drastically, numerous times …


D-Day: The Longest Delivery

6 June 1944. On that day, the biggest logistics operation of modern times reached its decisive climax: D-Day. Operation Neptune, an amphibious landing of 130,000 soldiers, required 6,900 vessels, 4,100 of which were landing craft. …


Supply Chain Movement 13 – Sales & Operations Planning

Contents Supply Chain Movement 13 – 2014 Q2 7 | News & Background Barry Callebaut integrates S&OP into the daily process Winner of the last quarter: GAP Loser of the last quarter: Aston Martin 12 | IT Subway Map Demand for …


‘It’s cool working at ASML if you got supply chain DNA’

[This article is brought to you by ASML] The ASML supply chain seems to be without boundaries. The company, one of the Dutch stars within the field of discrete manufacturing, offers supply chain professionals a chance …

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