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data science

Data science can add value in almost every part of the supply chain – not only in demand planning, but also in transportation and warehousing. So when it comes to deploying data science, where should you start? That varies from company to company and from supply chain to supply chain: Where is the biggest pain point? Where is a lack of insight hindering decision-making? And how can the insights from data science be used in practice? A successful data science project requires these questions to be answered first.

Packaging manufacturer DS Smith uses Sixfold’s software to gain real-time insight into transportation flows. The data from on-board computers is used not only to calculate the expected arrival time of trucks, but also to generate heatmaps of the areas outside paper factories. Those heatmaps show the locations and manoeuvres of the trucks. “Measuring the dwell times of trucks at our paper mills enables us to reduce waiting times and improve truck deployment. In addition, a heatmap allows us to optimize processes in the yard,” stated Petra Libertova, Head of Logistics at DS Smith, during a recent Supply Chain Media webinar.

An enormous amount of data is recorded in each supply chain, every day. That data is indispensable for planning and executing daily operations. But like DS Smith, more and more companies are discovering that the data can yield many more – and sometimes surprising – insights. Data science has been high on the agenda for some time, but the recent pandemic has further boosted the interest in the topic. Over the past year, boardrooms developed a strong need for clarity: What is happening in the supply chain, and which decisions are required? “We noticed that executives suddenly wanted a lot more data. Data science initiatives are being approved and implemented much faster than before, partly because employees and managers lack the necessary experience in unique situations,” comments Ronald Buijsse… … …

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