IT Subway Map Europe 2020

IT Subway Map Europe 2020

Supply chain software in demand due to coronavirus

After the coronavirus crisis, supply chain software vendors in Europe expect to be implementing the same number of projects or even more than before. However, almost 60% predict they will fail to achieve their revenue targets for the year. The rest expect their turnover to stay roughly on budget. These are the key findings from a recent survey by Supply Chain Media as part of its research for Supply Chain Movement’s annual SCM IT Subway Map Europe.

Each year, the IT Subway Map asks supply software vendors in Europe for their input. To assess the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the editorial team also launched a short online survey at the peak of the crisis in early April.

Demand for visibility

The software vendors of a broad cross-section of supply chain solutions were also asked which type of software would be in most demand after the crisis. Three quarters predict the biggest demand for supply chain visibility, followed by demand planning & forecasting (42%). Inventory optimization and supply chain risk management were each mentioned by a third of respondents. These types of supply chain software are extremely useful during the corona crisis, which is causing considerable uncertainty about demand, stock availability in the supply chain and the risk of bullwhip effect.


Supply Chain Movement has visualized the most recent developments in the European supply chain software marketing in the 10th edition of its SCM IT Subway Map. Based on their input, including details about the number of live customers in Europe and the revenue share per software type, the software vendors have been allocated a number of subway stations highlighting their areas of expertise in Europe.

To complement the printed edition, and the downloadable PDF, Supply Chain Media also developed a clickable online version about the European software market:

Download: IT Subway Map Europe 2020

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