Globalization Drives Market Need for SC Segmentation

Businesses continue look to their supply chain operations for opportunities to streamline business processes, reduce costs, improve customer service, gain a competitive edge, and face any disruptions caused by global commerce uncertainties.

Particularly among companies with thousands of SKUs and diverse product lines, there is a need for differentiated replenishment and logistics approaches across complex supply chains. For example, an organization may need supply chain processes that are specialized for goods with unpredictable demand, such as the latest fashion. The same organization may also provide goods with more predictable demand that require steady replenishment. Similarly, other goods may have higher import and export compliance requirements that must be carefully managed.

Supply chain challenges

To assess how businesses are pursuing supply chain strategies, Peerless Research Group and Amber Road recently surveyed over 900 top logistics and supply chain managers to look at the ways organizations are collecting and analyzing information, addressing supply chain complexities, and collaborating and communicating with sourcing partners and customers.

The survey uncovered these top supply chain challenges:

  • Rising transportation costs (50%)
  • Fluctuations in customer demand (50%)
  • Increasing customer expectations (42%)

Download “Globalization Drives Market Need for Supply Chain Segmentation: Research & Key Strategies” to read about the full results of the study, as well as strategies companies can implement to combat these challenges.

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