Checklist Gender Diversity for the Female Talent

10 Questions for Women about Maximizing Your Potential

One aspect of improving gender diversity within companies – and hence achieving better and more balanced decision-making – entails tapping into the existing pool of underutilized female talent. The responsibility for maximizing the potential of highly talented female professionals is actually shared between the woman herself, her direct manager and the company’s HR manager. Aided by valuable input from a mix of established executives and the female supply chain talent Ramona Held, Supply Chain Media has put together a triptych of checklists for these three groups of people to help companies assess their gender diversity gap. This checklist is intended for the talented female professionals themselves.

Personal branding

Although women often tend to think that their achievements speak for themselves, performance counts for just 10% of a person’s success according to best-selling author Harvey Coleman, while image contributes 30% and exposure an eye-popping 60%. Generally speaking, female professionals spend too little time on raising their profile, both internally and externally. Women should write articles/blogs, share them on social media and speak at conferences to get themselves seen and heard.

Active networking

Research among aspiring directors shows that women tend to have poorer-quality networks than their male counterparts with regard to gaining board-level roles. Compounding that problem, female professionals seem less willing/less able to leverage their social capital. They should network actively beyond their current role within the business.

Clear career strategy

According to a study by the London Business School, being rejected for a job makes women less likely than men to apply for a similar role again in the future. This can leave them feeling they wouldn’t be truly valued at the highest levels of the corporate world. A mentorship period and a clear career strategy will help women to overcome these doubts. As a talented female professional, answer these 10 questions to see if you’re maximizing your career potential.

Download: Gender Diversity Checklist for the Female Talent