First European manufacturing and distribution centre for Weber Barbecues

Weber Barbecues

Weber Barbecues has opened its first manufacturing and distribution centre outside the USA in Zabrze, Poland. The new facility is aimed at streamlining Weber’s European production capacity as well as reducing its transportation footprint.

“Our new manufacturing and distribution centre marks an important milestone in Weber’s global expansion and European growth,” states Chris Scherzinger, CEO. Weber’s ‘make-where-we-sell’ strategy is a key element in the barbecue producer’s growth plans.

“This strategy is focused on manufacturing our high-quality barbecue products closer to our retail customers and consumers. Besides speeding up our delivery and service, it will also enable us to significantly improve our operational efficiency,” continues Scherzinger. “Moreover, it will give us more flexibility to respond to local market dynamics and needs.”

The Weber Grill Academy Experience

In addition to the production activities, the new 50,000m2 facility in Zabrze also houses a Weber Grill Academy Experience Centre: a hands-on educational area dedicated to the art and skill of barbecuing. The centre can organize a wealth of activities either online or on-site, including culinary classes, interactive chef’s tables, private parties and team-building events.

The pandemic created additional challenges for the production and supply chain teams involved in the construction of the facility. Nevertheless, thanks to technologies such as virtual reality in combination with a problem-solving mindset, the local team in Poland managed to work closely with the US-based production managers. As a result, the construction work stayed on track and every square metre of the facility has been realized in line with the strict design specifications, according to Scherzinger.