Dobbi provides on-demand laundry service


How can you ensure that, as a brand manufacturer, you keep pace with the transition to an on-demand supply chain and you can supply direct to consumers? Henkel is rising to this challenge by joining forces with PostNL to invest in a start-up called Dobbi: a new entrant in on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning services.

The strategic alliance between the three companies gives Henkel access to new digital and technological opportunities, enabling it to respond to changing consumer needs. The start-up means that manufacturer Henkel is no longer dependent on retailers, but instead has more direct contact with the end user in the supply chain. Brand manufacturers are increasingly aiming to supply direct to consumers without having to go through a retailer.

Consumers not only have very high expectations in terms of product quality nowadays, but they also expect a brand to provide outstanding service, for example. Dobbi is striving to offer ultimate convenience by rolling out its service with nationwide coverage to guarantee that consumers receive their clothes back clean, dry and neatly folded within 48 hours.

New opportunities in the on-demand business

The founders of the start-up have knowledge of the laundry business, while PostNL is a leading logistics specialist and Henkel has built up 140 years of expertise in detergents. Combining all these strengths will open up new opportunities in the on-demand business. Consumers can indicate where and when their clothes should be collected or delivered with just a couple of swipes on their smartphone. PostNL works with two-hour time windows between 08.00 and 20.00h, and Dobbi ensures that the clothes are delivered back to the desired address in the Netherlands within 48 hours.