Checklist responsive supply chain planning

The flexibility of the plan

Within many companies, the Supply Chain department is repeatedly required to adapt to the ever-changing customer demand. This often results in ‘jittery’ planning with lots of ad hoc adjustments. Supply Chain Movement and software supplier Icron Technologies have put together this checklist for responsive planning.




Customers are becoming increasingly demanding. They expect fast answers about product availability and delivery times. In response to an enquiry, companies must be able to indicate a realistic delivery time based on the available capacity. How easy is this?

Automated planning

The Planning department is regularly confronted with urgent orders or last-minute changes from customers which often require the existing plan to be altered significantly. How quickly can this be done without mistakes being made?

Various scenarios

The Planning department is often hectic, leaving little time to weigh up several planning alternatives. A planning system should ideally use a number of parameters to model various scenarios and reveal their outcomes. How realistic is this in practice? Answer the 10 questions below to discover how responsive your planning system is and what this could mean for your company.


Download: Checklist Responsive Supply Chain Planning

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