Whitepaper: The why and how of warehouse optimization

whitepaper warehouse optimization

Anyone working in supply chain operations would agree that recent years has brought a range of new challenges. A booming e-commerce and the rise of omni-channel strategies constantly add complexity, and customer expectations of fast deliveries and traceability increase every day. Global competition and information transparency press margins and make every investment decision a matter of life or death. In this world, there is no room for mistakes or inefficiency, in transportation as well as in the warehouse. A fact enough to make any warehouse manager nervous.

Five challenges in today’s warehouse management

1 – More frequent and varied orders, 2- higher customer demands, 3- stock discrepancies and lack of availability, 4- traceability and visibility and 5- shortage of space. To meet these challenges companies need the right information, and the right tools to optimize and prioritize all warehouse processes. Exactly the job a warehouse management system is designed to do.

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