Whitepaper: Revolutionizing fleet management with the Internet of Things

The IoT fleet management market is estimated to grow from $4.5B in 2018 to $19.9B by 2026. A wide range of factors contribute to this expected growth, including increased demand for optimized business operations, real-time fleet monitoring, and an increased number of government mandates for fleet safety.

The implementation of an IoT solution offers an opportunity to connect far-flung and constantly moving fleet vehicles, providing remote fleet managers with detailed insights into their operations which can be leveraged to improve business strategy.

Key takeaways

With the implementation of IoT Fleet Management solutions, the transportation industry has become smarter, more efficient, and better able to serve the needs of their customers. This new world offers a wealth of powerful technology, allowing you to follow all your assets as they travel, monitor their health remotely and re-route your team onto the safest and most efficient path available.

Fleet managers can visualize each driver’s behavior, understand their problem areas and help them correct any concerns, with in-vehicle driver coaching solutions that alert your drivers by detecting drowsiness, distraction or fatigue. This IoT revolution has armed fleet managers with robust tools and brand new capabilities, helping them increase their operational efficiency, vehicle safety and reduce overall costs.

In the whitepaper Revolutionizing fleet management, Pelion and Tangerine have joined forces to outline the benefits of implementing an IoT solution into your business.

Download and learn more about:

• How fleet management software combines with smart connected devices to improve visibility of assets
• The advantages provided by IoT, including better customer experience and efficient processes, as well as “real-time” inventory management
• How small tweaks in your processes can optimize costs, including fuel efficiency, insurance savings and vehicle maintenance funds

Download the whitepaper Revolutionizing fleet management below.

Download: Whitepaper: Revolutionizing fleet management with the Internet of Things

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