Whitepaper: Magnitude Angles for SAP solutions

Whitepaper Magnitude

Despite the volumes of data generated by modern enterprise applications, many organizations still find themselves in the dark when attempting to derive insights. That’s because accessing and making sense of your data has become such a laborious and expensive process – one typically managed by IT.

As business intelligence tools, data warehousing solutions and enterprise data and application landscapes have advanced, it’s worth taking the time to rethink the old way of doing things. In the whitepaper Guide to Modernizing Operational Reporting & Strategic Analytics in the SAP-Run Enterprise, we examine the dichotomy between operational reporting and strategic analytics, plus how they can work together to help organizations achieve real-time reporting and uncover relevant business insights.

Key topics:

  • Understand why taking advantage of reporting and analytics tools and implementing BI in the traditional manner requires a near-constant involvement from the IT staff.
  • Discuss how modern BI shifts the focus away from IT and offers mainstream tools with self-service access and flexibility so that business users can produce reports and analysis on the fly.
  • Review how Magnitude Angles for SAP (formerly Every Angle) provides analytical power that enables your team to analyze, combine and interrogate information from across the value chain, because it uniquely understands the way your SAP system is configured.

Modern BI needs to bridge the gap between operational reporting and strategic analytics to deliver business insights that allow you to respond faster and with greater confidence.

Magnitude Angles for SAP transforms and enhances your organization’s SAP data, turning it into simple-to-use, actionable insight. It puts the power of prescriptive analytics into the hands of the people who need it most – the business users.

Read the whitepaper for more insights and learn more about Magnitude Angles for SAP solutions.

Download: Whitepaper Magnitude Angles for SAP

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