Whitepaper: Fasten your seatbelt!

Fasten your seatbelt

It’s a challenging time in the Automotive industry; demand and supply shocks create big disturbances in the Automotive supply chain. The whole automotive ecosystem from the raw material suppliers, to component suppliers and OEM’s have to find ways how to deal with the ‘new normal’. A different approach is needed. To prepare yourself and make better decisions than your competitors you have to get insight in the different tiers of your chain to the end consumer and  you have to understand the system dynamics of flows and stocks. Based on this you can make scenarios of what can happen. Only then you will be prepared to take the right actions and respond in the right way. We call this Predict, Prepare and Respond.

This insight in stock levels and the chain dynamics are crucial for every company in the value chain of Automotive. These times need unorthodox decisions that you have to make with your cross-functional team of Sales, Finance, Operations and Purchasing to manage volatilities and create competitor advantage.

Involvation and Flostock developed a proven and pragmatic approach to manage the upcoming volatilities in the Automotive Supply Chain in the coming periods. We developed a different way of forecasting by creating a model based on system dynamics where demand can be simulated and a prediction can be made with different scenarios. By creating an effective and efficient decision making process with a cross-functional team – a Bullwhip Response Team – you use these scenarios to  prepare yourself and make the right trade-off decisions in sales, finance, production, purchasing, logistics and inventories. Only companies that pro-actively manage volatility and make the right trade-off decision can make the difference and will be the winners of tomorrow!

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