Whitepaper: Boost your performance with demand planning

Sales forecasts (or demand planning) is a strategic element for companies facing stock or replenishment issues. A sales forecasting process is a combination of different steps in order to define what will be the demand of a specific product within a short or long horizon. This process must be executed regularly and periodically (usually every month).

Strategic for many companies, a sales forecasting process allows to reduce stocks, improve their availabilities and avoid shortages. Therefore, to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer relationships.

In this whitepaper, Mehdi Kharab details the four essential steps to follow for a complete and efficient demand planning process.

• Historical review, the first crucial step, to verify if the assumptions initially setted up are matching reality.
The statistical calculation of forecasts, key stage of the process where strategic choices of segmentation and classification need to be made.
The question of collaboration, controversial subject, it is nevertheless essential for a company to understand the impact of collaboration on its processes.
Analysis of the results, final phase of the process to analyze the quality of the calculated forecasts, in order to adjust the trend for the next cycle.

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Colibri created a whitepaper to boost your performance with demand planning.