Whitepaper MPO: Key Differentiators Control Tower 2020

Key differentiators of the supply chain control tower

Achieving end-to-end supply chain visibility has fast become a priority in this moment of disruption. But as industry leaders turn to digital Control Tower options on the market, they discover wide-ranging capabilities and often limited visibility that doesn’t extend beyond logistics.

In today’s increasingly demanding, disruptive, and evolving climate, Control Towers must not only offer more comprehensive and multi-modal visibility, but also in-app actionability and greater cost control functionality. To provide the resilience and flexibility needed today, a Control Tower platform must enable systems unification, network-wide collaboration, and process convergence.

As part of a Supply Chain Orchestration Platform, such a Control Tower helps industry leaders dynamically and intelligently partner with their network to stay resilient, adaptive, and better mitigate risk and impact.

This whitepaper discusses what makes a holistic platform so unique, and how expanding visibility and control to span order and logistics management across all order types and all order flows provides extraordinary business value.

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