What are your wants and needs in supply chain?


Gartner and Supply Chain Media have teamed up to research supply chain leaders’ views on supply chain practice and technology based on the Supply Chain Management Research Study.

  • What do YOU consider to be the most important strategic changes your organisation will make in your supply chain operations over the next three years?
  • What do YOU consider to be the top three obstacles to achieving your organisation’s supply chain goals and objectives?

These are just some questions you will come across filling out this survey.

Comparisons between the US and Europe

The research is an extension of the Supply Chain Technology User Wants and Needs survey that Gartner has run in North America for the past eight years and we are hoping to draw comparisons between the US and Europe.

Gartner has built this survey for Supply Chain professionals who are involved in decisions regarding SCM processes, strategies and supporting technology. You will be asked a few questions at the beginning to confirm you are eligible to complete this study.

If you qualify and complete the survey, Gartner will email you a summary of the results, free of charge. Plus, you can also choose to receive a login code for a free edition of the Supply Chain Movement magazine on the Supply Chain Media app.

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