Venlo named Europe’s top logistics location for third consecutive year


During the Expo Real property trade fair in Munich on 5 October, Prologis named Venlo as the top logistics location in Europe for the third year in a row. “Our continuous investments in infrastructure over the years have secured our leading position as a logistics hub with rapid access to the heart of Europe by road, rail and boat,” said Venlo’s Deputy Mayor and Alderman for Economic Affairs & Knowledge Infrastructure Stephan Satijn.

In his speech, Satijn emphasized that Venlo is ideally positioned for international trade, with Germany only a stone’s throw away and Belgium just around the corner. “It is only natural for us to exploit this natural advantage. But besides that I am very proud that we have established the SMART Logistics Centre Venlo a few years ago. This is a unique total concept in which business interacts with government and research institutions such as the University of Maastricht and Fontys University of Applied Sciences to ensure that this logistics region of the Netherlands further develops into a European logistics top region. To achieve this, SMART brings existing and new parties together to establish new companies. It maximizes expertise based on its four cornerstones: infrastructure, innovation, branding & acquisition, and labour & education.”  Satijn continued: “With input from the University of Maastricht and Fontys we offer education and training to ensure suffi cient availability of qualifi ed and specialized people at all levels within our region. Training and education is crucial to retain the young people in the region and to attract students and workers from outside the area. In effect, businesses take the lead in developing an ecosystem in which we all work together. Instead of always competing we share where we can, and so together we can become stronger.”


Satijn also praised the hard work of the City of Venlo to facilitate this evolution. “Our steadfastness has paid off. More and more companies are realizing the importance of having the right location for their logistics.” He referred to recent examples of success such as the arrival of new distribution centres for the Heijlen Group (on behalf of Tommy Hilfi ger and Calvin Klein), Michael Kors, Rockspring, DSV, XPO Logistics and Stryker. Together these new warehouses cover more than 60 hectares. According to Stephan Satijn, the SMART Logistics Centre Venlo is aware that it will be challenging to remain Europe’ number one logistics location. The City of Venlo is therefore lobbying the Dutch government to ensure that it continues to facilitate an excellent climate for investment. Work is already underway to construct a third rail terminal, and intelligent IT systems are being co-developed to connect the business community both nationally and internationally. Satijn: “This will ensure that we remain one of the most attractive regions for investment.”