Trend Vision EyeOn: How to become more flexible?

Utilize digital transformation

“Both internally and externally, companies are facing growing uncertainty,” says André Vriens, Managing Partner and Senior Consultant at EyeOn. “Consumer demand has become even more volatile, and in addition there is increasing uncertainty in the supply chain.” Organizations that want to keep or regain control should establish end-to-end transparency. How can they become more flexible in times of increasing supply chain uncertainty?

“If you look at the past few years, there are two key developments that organizations have to deal with. For one, COVID-19 has made consumer demand more volatile and uncertain than ever before. Organizations were already experiencing changes three or four years ago, but they often happened step by step. Volatility has now taken on a whole new dimension,” explains André Vriens.

Knowledge and experience

To help organizations with these challenges, EyeOn offers knowledge and experience in the field of forecasting and planning, says Vriens. “We support companies in terms of end-to-end transparency, creating a roadmap for digitalization, developing models and developing capabilities. We help people to grow their knowledge by facilitating master classes, for example.”

Vriens is positive about the future: “The field is becoming increasingly important and is also receiving more and more attention at C-level. In addition, we’re seeing that organizations are increasingly focusing on how they can extract more value from data. Especially now that the labour market is so tight, it is good to see how data can help you. It’s no coincidence that data scientists make up more than a third of our organization.”

Trend Vision EyeOn: How to become more flexible?

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