Whitepaper Trend Compass for strategic innovation

Trend Compass EU

If companies are to survive in today’s rapidly changing world, they need to align their strategies and supply chains with various megatrends, macrotrends and microtrends. To help them, Supply Chain Media has developed the Trend Compass which links the latest technological developments to corporate strategies.

As the basis for analysing the wide-ranging impact of the various trends, Supply Chain Media surveyed 115 supply chain managers and directors from wholesale, retail and manufacturing as well as several managers from logistics service providers. The survey explored which trends are affecting their companies, what drives their customers and what it all means for their business strategies and associated supply chains.

Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the ever-faster pace of change in today’s world. In order to stay relevant, they must adapt their business models and align themselves with changing customer expectations. To remain successful and gain a competitive edge in such uncertain times, companies should incorporate the current trends into their innovation policy, strategies, products and services. But what are the key trends, and how can companies capitalize on them?

Download the Trend Compass whitepaper and learn about hypes, mega-, macro- and microtrends and which technological innovations are relevant to the chosen business strategy.

Download: Whitepaper Trend Compass EU