Transportation Forecasting based on actual data

During Logicon on 3rd February 2011, in Amsterdam, Terra Technology – not to be confused with Teradata – presented its newest solution to the European market: Transportation Forecasting. “Most transportation management solutions are based on historical data. Our transportation forecasting tool focuses on what’s going on now”, comments Robert Byrne, CEO of Terra Technology.

Terra’s Transportation Forecasting has been designed specifically for producers of consumer goods. Promotions are visible in advance and it creates the opportunity for proactive transportation planning and reserving capacity as needed, rather than waiting until orders arrive.

When asked whether or not they feel like the new kids on the block when it comes to supply chain solutions, the CEO with his MBA in Operations Research laughed and commented: “I suppose we are! I quite like the idea that maths can help us make better decisions. We’ve come to a point when people don’t want solutions that are based on historical data. We can guarantee a thirty per cent improvement in forecasting, which means logistics planners don’t need to spend as much time on ad hoc demand planning. We keep our promise: the tools do the maths and the users get the results they were looking for.”

Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Kraft Foods and Campbell’s Soup are just a few of Terra Technology’s clients.