Thomas Geurts needs 10,000 votes for his Lego warehouse


There is a chance that Lego might start producing a warehouse based on a Dutch design by Thomas Geurts, Customs Admin at logistics provider Arvato Supply Chain Solutions. For a chance of actually getting his design into production, Geurts first needs 10,000 votes.

Geurts submitted his ‘Transport Inc’ design through the Lego Ideas initiative in the hope of stimulating children’s interest in the world of logistics. However, the project needs to receive 10,000 votes for the Lego Group to consider it. At the last count, the figure stood at just over 3,000.

Complete transport company

Geurts has designed a complete transport company on a single 32×32cm base plate. It includes a reception desk in the ground-floor office, from where drivers can either go back outside or through a connecting door into the warehouse.

The office is equipped with a desk complete with a computer, some pieces of mail and, of course, coffee. Above the office, on the first floor, is the canteen where employees and drivers can take a break or eat lunch, and there’s even a newspaper for them to read.

Warehouse with pallet racking

The warehouse is equipped with a multi-tier pallet racking system storing various pallets. There is a forklift to retrieve the pallets and a hand pallet truck for loading and unloading in one of the two docks.

Geurts has developed an entirely modular design. The roof of the warehouse and office area can be lifted off, and the entire left wall of the warehouse can also be removed in one piece for easy access.

Screening by Lego Group

“In reality, about 30 submissions per quarter achieve 10,000 votes, but only one or two of them actually get through the screening by the Lego Group,” comments the Arvato employee. “So it would obviously be a great honour to reach – or even come close to – that point.” Click here to see (and/or vote for) the project.