The Logistics Report 2011

The Logistics Report 2011 is a follow up to last year’s ground-breaking report hailing the launch of the Love Logistics campaign.

Produced by FTA in association with PwC and incorporating the evidence of both in-house and independent research, this year’s report takes a look at the challenges the logistics industry has had to face during the past year and how it has responded. Economic uncertainty; political turbulence in the run up to the General Election; and following the General Election; snow; erupting volcanoes; red tape and bureaucracy; 2010 gave the logistics industry more than its fair share of things to worry about.

As in other business sectors, many logistics companies had a very tough year. But this report shows that overall, and despite everything that was thrown at it, the logistics industry continued to deliver the goods for the UK.

That is an achievement of which everyone involved should be proud and for which the industry should receive due credit; after all, without a successful, efficient supply chain, our way of life would simply grind to a halt. Making that a reality still requires some work and FTA, through the Love Logistics campaign is striving to deliver that improved recognition and a fairer commercial environment that UK businesses both need and deserve. The Logistics Report 2011 provides the evidence to support the case.