The Digital Transformation Roadmap

The Digital Transformation Roadmap

David Rogers is an international authority on digital transformation and affiliated with Columbia Business School in New York. He writes books, speaks at conferences and helps large companies implement their digital strategy. In 2016, he wrote the bestseller The Digital Transformation Playbook, which has been translated into 13 languages. His new book, The Digital Transformation Roadmap, is the sequel and has the same approach, with lots of real-life examples, handy checklists and practical tools you can use to get started right away.

Traditionally minded companies looking to make the transition to the digital age face a huge task. After all, digital transformation is not about technology but about culture, and changing that culture is many times more complex than implementing an IT system. The strength of The Digital Transformation Roadmap is that Rogers does not shy away from this complexity, but rather grabs it with both hands and translates it into concrete measures.

Digital transformation should not be driven by IT, but by the business. Therefore, this book is definitely recommended for supply chain directors.

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‘The Digital Transformation Roadmap’ (2023), by David L. Rogers, Columbia Business School Publishing, 328 pages, €32.99