The brand owner path to omni-channel order fulfillment

Visual Roadmap The Brand Owner Path to Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment

Brand owners typically have their roots in production. But, to satisfy increasing customer expectations and better compete globally, it’s vital to develop new, smart capabilities that enable omni-channel order fulfillment. Supply Chain Media and MPO have developed this roadmap to illustrate some of the most common obstacles that brands encounter on the path to omni-channel order fulfillment and how best to overcome them.

The first stop sign on the brand owner path to omni-channel order fulfilment is ‘a foggy road’ from business to business, where there is a production focus: limited order fulfilment capability to a single channel. To get the traffic light to turn green, and continue the road, you can make perfect orders for businesses by:

  • Manage only simple static flows
  • Same SLA for all order processes
  • Returns are an exceptional flow
  • ERP and WMS for basic fulfilment

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