The best Movies and TV Series about supply chains

What are the best Movies and TV Series about supply chains? And why? What is the connection with supply chains? And in which Movies and TV Series is the development of logistics into supply chain management perfectly reflected?

According to the editors of the Dutch Supply Chain Magazine the following Movies and TV Series should be in this ranking:

• Lord of War (2005) with the best opening scene about the supply chain of a bullet, from manufacturing to the end customer:

• Traffic (2000) about the supply chains of drugs from Pakistan via Mexico to the United States

• Breaking Bad (TV Series 2008– ), especially the episode about setting up a distribution network in several American states in Season 2, Episode 12

• WALL.E (2008) about an unsustainable world

• Monsters, Inc. (2001) with an incredible scene in an automated warehouse for hanging doors

Any suggestions are welcome can be added in the featured discussions in the LinkedIn group Supply Chain Movement. Thank you for your contribution.

PS Great movies about company life, not specifically supply chains:
• Swimming with Sharks (1994),
• Office Space (1999),
• Horrible Bosses (2011),
• Up in the Air (2009), about outsourcing firing people,
• Suitemates (TV Series 2010) about a ERP software company,