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A strategy compass for companies

Research by McKinsey in 2011 revealed that just 35 percent of companies have a successful strategy which enables them to beat the competition. And only 20 percent of companies explicitly interconnect their strategy, product portfolio …



Mindmap for Supply Chain Network Redesign

Iterative network design and planning is essential for companies to be successful in serving costumers efficiently, consolidating new assets, or expanding into new markets or products. Fact-based analysis helps them to increase market share, reduce …


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SCM publishes updated list of supply chain leaders

Who are the most influential supply chain executives in Europe? Which leaders are truly shaping their organisations and can be seen as a poster child of the supply chain universe? For the second consecutive year, …



Checklist for monitoring On-Shelf Availability

According to independent studies, the average out-of-stock (OOS) percentage ranges from between four and eight percent worldwide. This is resulting in billions’ worth of lost sales plus dissatisfied shoppers and trading partners. The costs of …



The holy grail

Supply chain management professionals have been searching for how their discipline adds strategic value for years. It’s similar to the quest for the ‘holy grail’ that will give the supply chain director a position on …



Supply Chain Movement issue 23 – Strategy

Contents Supply Chain Movement 23 – 2016 Q4 Publishing date: 25 November 2016 6 |  News & Background Peri wins Supply Chain Management award 2016 Winner of last quarter: PepsiCo Loser of last quarter: Caterpillar Gartner Supply …



Peri wins Supply Chain Management award 2016

Peri Group, the German formwork and scaffolding specialist with operations around the world, has won the Supply Chain Management Award 2016 in Germany. The multinational sells, rents and refurbishes formwork and scaffolding systems for construction …



‘Companies need to be bi-modal’

In order to be successful nowadays, companies must combine an efficient mode with an agile mode. That was the overarching message from research and advisory company Gartner during its supply chain conference in London in …

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Supply chain leaders exchange thoughts on preparing for change

Preparing for potential effects is more effective than predicting future events, according to Chris Caplice from the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. He was speaking on 19 October 2016, when European supply chain leaders …



Mastering the practicalities will lead to delivery perfection

“I’d do more online shopping if only I had a working doorbell,” quipped comedian David Mitchell recently. Indeed, it is laughable that trivial issues like this can scupper what should be a straightforward process of …



Mindmap Digital Supply Chains 4.0

Digital technology is disrupting traditional business and their supply chains. The Internet of Things, big data analysis, Augmented/Virtual Reality, 3D printing, and robotization will have a huge impact on the supply chain strategy. The main …


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Overview of European supply chain events 2017

Did not have or make enough time to attend any events this past year? Time is scarce, but to take one step away from reality every now and then is healthy for your helicopter view …



Die Top 38 der deutschen Supply-Chain-Führungskräfte

Wer sind die einflussreichsten Supply-Chain-Führungskräfte Deutschlands? Welche Manager gestalten ihr Unternehmen wahrhaft mit und dienen anderen Supply-Chain-Profis als Inspirationsquelle? Die Entscheidungsträger auf dieser Liste erfüllen in der Welt des deutschen SCM eine Vorbildfunktion. Von Onno Beijers, …



Strategie Kompass für Unternehmen

Einer McKinsey-Studie aus dem Jahr 2011 zufolge haben nur 35 Prozent der Unternehmen eine erfolgreiche Strategie, mit der sie ihre Mitbewerber schlagen können. Lediglich 20 Prozent sehen eindeutig einen Zusammenhang zwischen Strategie, Produktportfolio und benötigten …

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