Survey Supply Chain Planning Software: Is Faster Better?

Supply Chain Insights launched a new survey about Supply Chain Planning Software. This study is about the implementation of supply chain planning. A great implementation of supply chain planning reduces operational risk by allowing companies to navigate through demand and supply volatility. We find supply chain implementations vary based on several factors and can have a significant impact on ROI, risk and competitiveness.

In this study, we ask companies to rate their satisfaction with their planning implementations for demand and supply planning software and contrast these results by the type of software, the implementation process, and the speed of implementation.

This is for Manufacturers, Retailers and Wholesalers/Distributors/Co-operatives with demand and/or supply planning software.

In exchange for taking the survey, we’ll email you the final report and a set of PowerPoint slides for your use. This will be free of charge. Plus, we can share the results with your team in an hour-long conference call.

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