Supply Chain Survival Toolkit 2

toolkit 2

In the face of major disruption, you have no choice: You instinctively go into survival mode. Your focus shifts to the immediate short-term and your long-term plans seem less important. After all, there is no point worrying about where you will be in 5 years time if you can’t survive tomorrow!

Everything you do is about being as effective as possible. But as the chaos starts to subside, the world starts to look a bit different. Suddenly, there is hope and opportunity. But you can’t afford to wait and see what happens. That won’t help you out. You have got to take action now!



In Slimstock’s Supply Chain Survival Toolkit Part 2 you will learn how to…

• Redesign your supply chain strategy to deliver success
• Harmonize your team
• Get your master data in order
• Rationalize your assortment
• Get your priorities straight
• Get to grips with forecast exceptions
• Align your operations to crush demand
• Build better relationships with the suppliers that count
• Identify your optimization gold mines, and more!

Download Slimstock’s Supply Chain Survival Toolkit Part 2

Download: Supply Chain Survival Toolkit 2

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