Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Numi


Numi Solutions is a cloud platform that analyses, optimizes and improves supply chain resilience by recommending improvements focused on the execution horizon. The solution enables integrated and automated supply chain decisions by using artificial intelligence (AI) on top of enterprise resource planning (ERP) data. It also highlights risks and anomalies where they are identified, so that the user can focus on the difficult decisions and free up capacity for value creation.

The benefits include higher customer satisfaction and revenues thanks to increased product availability, fewer order cancellations and lost sales, and fast and insight-driven responses to customer requests.

The solution also helps to reduce inventories by suggesting the right inventory quantities in the right locations, supporting the process from inventory strategy to automated execution, and facilitating integrated inventory simulations. Last but not least, it helps companies to reduce operational firefighting by enabling them to manage hundreds of SKUs with ease, obtain improvement recommendations, and achieve integrated and efficient team collaboration and execution.

Founders of Numi

The start-up, which currently has five employees, was co-founded in June 2021 in Munich, Germany, by Stefan Gaubatz (pictured, right) and Moritz Krol (left). From their experience as digital consultants, they know how important the change process is in digital initiatives. Therefore, they implement solutions based on customer needs and support the implementation and operations with their supply chain expertise.

To further facilitate the change process, Numi uses an engaging UX and focuses on explainable results. It guarantees flexible rights management, so companies can control who can see which data. Additionally, it serves as a digital learning platform with regularly updated supply chain content to enrich the user’s supply chain knowledge.

As a German cloud service, it provides the highest security standards. According to the company, the tool is up and running in days instead of months. The solution is particularly targeted at businesses in the e-commerce, retail, food & beverage and maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) sectors.

During the recent Technical University of Munich (TUM) Demo Days which featured 45 finalists, Numi finished in third place.