Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: MyFreight


MyFreight was founded in the Netherlands in 2018 by David van der Stelt and Maarten Bos, who both have a strong background in logistics. Their idea was to improve the transparency of online freight management and digitize the time-consuming process of meeting, negotiating with and comparing logistics service providers (LSPs) to choose the best forwarder for shipments for the best possible price. The result: MyFreight.

MyFreight is a web-based freight assistant service (SaaS platform) that combines freight forwarders, carriers and shippers all in one universal system to help shippers save both time and money. The key difference with other platforms is that MyFreight allows users to request and compare quotations for air and ocean shipments from different forwarders/carriers based on their actual freight volume instead of standardized rates.

Digital dashboard

Furthermore, since shippers, consignees and currently over 60 LSPs are all active in one system, smooth handling of shipments is guaranteed. After finding the best solution for their freight, shippers can book and track shipments instantly in a digital dashboard. Currently employing four people, MyFreight is targeting all importing/exporting Dutch companies that are involved in air and ocean freight shipments of general cargo, such as fashion, high-tech, consumer goods, automotive, etc.

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