Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: ConnAct


Munich-based start-up ConnAct provides a solution for efficient cross-enterprise and cross-organizational collaboration. The solution stems from the founders’ strong belief that most industries and sectors are at a breaking point when it comes to digitalization and the ‘data sharing economy’ in today’s data-driven and highly connected business world, where transparency and a uniform data view are key to success.

So far, most data sharing solutions have depended on migrating the required data from an arbitrary number of different sources to a central data warehouse, data lakes or cloud-based supply chain management tools. However, poor process integration makes it difficult to ensure that the data is truly up to date, plus can waste time and money, increase inventory stocks and restrict flexibility. ConnAct is therefore pursuing a different approach, establishing a technological ecosystem based on a global, decentralized data sharing and exchange network aimed at helping to redesign the interaction between independent parties.

The ConnAct solution combines the latest technology such as data virtualization, artificial intelligence and blockchain to integrate and connect all kinds of different systems and data sources. These are then merged through a decentralized network and a virtual data layer, so the data is left at its source rather than being moved. The original data is queried and provided in real time which ensures that the data is up to date. The result is secure and traceable data sharing between business partners around the world while ensuring data sovereignty and full control for the data owner.

Early stages

Founded earlier this year and currently with just three employees, ConnAct is still in the very early stages. The company is targeting small and midsize enterprises looking to improve their supplier collaboration and supply chain transparency as well as to get more out of internal and external data, particularly in manufacturing, transport & logistics and smart mobility.