Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Byrd


Founded in Austria in 2016 as part of the i²c TUW i²ncubator, byrd positions itself as an all-in-one low-cost shipping partner for both ecommerce and traditional retailers. It offers a simple, convenient and enjoyable logistic solution to sellers who are currently wasting resources on the shipping process. The start-up’s solution is focused on digitization, smart systems and the use of algorithms. byrd had established a foothold in the Austrian and German market in the space of just a year, and now has offices in both Vienna and Berlin.

As a first mile logistics company, byrd currently offers a pickup service in Vienna and Berlin, fulfilment with storage locations in Vienna and Berlin, and drop-shipping, in which ecommerce orders are shipped directly from suppliers to the byrd warehouses from where they are forwarded to customers. The mission is to enable fast, cheap and hassle-free shipping by providing a web application and all-in-one solution, which avoids amateur packaging, post office queuing, and random carrier prices.

The byrd online platform enables users to request a courier, specify customized packaging, connect shop systems and track shipments until they reach their destination, all at the click of a mouse. In addition, goods can be stored or large orders can be processed flexibly and transparently. byrd has also released an app aimed at making shipping easier than ever, enabling private and business customers to ship items with one click.

The benefits offered by byrd include smart prices, seamless integration, immediate and worldwide shipping, real-time shipment tracking, automatic price comparison and address correction. byrd is already helping retailers of varying sizes from many different countries and industries (including fashion, food & drink, interior, technology, organic, art and books) to save time and money, while allowing them to concentrate on their core business of selling. Current customers include Your Superfoods, 032c, Hummingbird, Coffee Circle, waterdrop, KitschBitch, and byrd also has key partnerships with Deutsche Post, Österreichische Post, DHL, GLS, DPD and Hermes.

The byrd team of co-founders comprises CEO Alexander Leichter, CTO Sebastian Mach, COO Christoph Krofitsch and CMO Petra Dobrocka. In 2016, byrd secured first-round funding of €370,000 including investment from the Austrian VC fund Pioneers Ventures, KK Incube and Hermann Hauser Investment. Notable Achievements include being named Logistik-Start-up 2017, winner of 7Ventures Pitch Day and winner of the ‘Innovation to Company-Challenge’.

byrd’s longer-term goal is to become the leading fulfilment service for e-commerce in Europe through a two-pronged approach: on the one hand by acquiring customers as they grow together, and on the other hand by gaining new customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, primarily through ecommerce networks and digital marketing.