Supply Chain Movement starts updating the IT Subway Map 2016

For the sixth year in a row Supply Chain Movement will publish an overview of supply chain software in the SCM IT SUBWAY MAP. This map shows which software applications are actually implemented in Europe for specific activities of supply chain management. The latest version from 2015 is available in an interactive version in beta here.


New subway lines

As the portfolio of supply chain software types grows through the years, Supply Chain Movement adds new subway lines when a certain type of software gets established. An example of a recently added subway line is the one of Sales & Operations Planning. New subway lines in development are the ones for Order Management and for Supply Chain Risk Management.

Required input

To be published on this subway map Supply Chain Movement asks supply chain software vendors in Europe to fill out this form completely, to get a clear picture of the European landscape of supply chain software. The editors of Supply Chain Movement stay in charge to evaluate this information based on their own knowledge. Fill out this form and save this document with the company name of the software vendor in the file name and mail this document to: The deadline for input: Monday 11th April 2016.

Download the input form here.