Supply Chain Movement Q2 – Sustainability Special

Supply Chain Movement Q2 – Sustainability Special


“Expect the unexpected” Thanks to the opportunities on offer within Eastman Chemical, Peter Briggeman – having started his career at the bottom of the ladder – was able to work his way up to his current role as director of Supply Chain and Central Services EMEA. “I caught up on my education and training along the way but I think it’s my experience that is really invaluable to me.” Briggeman often refers to his ‘healthy obsession’ for supply chain. “I wake up every morning with a good feeling inside”.


As with innovation, when it comes to sustainability, businesses fall into one of two categories. Leading the way are the trendsetters – those companies who fully embrace sustainable ideals. Trailing behind is a large group of followers who first examine the situation from every conceivable angle before eventually deciding to invest in sustainability.  In practice, there is considerable overlap between companies who are sustainability trendsetters and those who are innovation trendsetters. Its carbon footprint is the most widespread reason for an organization to adopt a strategy for sustainable innovation, including in its supply chain management activities.


Energy Supply: Sometimes I wonder if we are paying the real price for energy, especially the price for oil used in transportation: Bear in mind that fifty percent of oil is used in vehicles. Recently, the price of gasoline at the pump hit another record high. Nobody started screaming though. Perhaps it’s still a bargain for me.

28         ROUNDTABLE S&OP

The delicate balancing act that is S&OP: There is a delicate balance between working capital and corporate strategy. Organisations can make significant gains by improving the collaboration between their financial department and their supply chain managers. In theory, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) formalizes this collaboration- but to what extent is this happening in practice, and what form is the collaboration taking? ConQuaestor and S&V Management Consultants invited a number of supply chain and financial professionals to take part in a round-table discussion about this very topic.

 31        CASE STUDY NHR

NHR trades and refurbishes second-hand network hardware for businesses all over the world. Its market value reaches into millions which achieves with just a minimum of stock. The key to their success is reliable information.


Re-evaluating the supply chain post-Japanese earthquake: Japan’s devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident have served as a wake-up call across the world to show just how fragile global supply chain can be, with almost 9% of the world’s economic output coming from Japan, these events have had a direct impact on many companies that rely on Japan for manufacturing parts, and have caused countless disruptions across the global supply chain.


6          NEWS & BACKGROUND

  • Supply Chain and Finance share the same vision
  • The cost of sustainability
  • Roadmap to sustainable behavior


iPad and iPhone turn Supply Chain Movement green; Supply Chain media goes green with the introduction of its very own free application (or ‘app’) for the iPad and the iPhone, which has been developed especially for its two publications, Supply Chain Magazine and Supply Chain Movement. Having managed to secure the unique ‘supply chain’ name globally for its digital publications, the publishing house is truly embracing this latest technology.