Supply Chain Movement Q2 2012: special Distribution

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7  | News & Background

10 | Profile Mick Jones

Mick Jones, Vice President of Global Logistics at Lenovo enjoys a challenge. Inspired by Lenovo’s forward-thinking philosophies and incredible drive to succeed, he joined this high-tech computer manufacturer’s battle to help build a world-class supply chain three and a half years ago. “It was about fi nding the right strategy at the right time. It was about leading the Lenovo way.”

17 | Imation’s new after sales service chain

Christiaan Vogel, European Logistics Operations Manager Imation: “Imation supplies TDK Life on Record products to end consumers through distributors and major retailers. We wanted to engage in direct contact with our end customers as well as to ensure good service to them. We went in search of an efficient and scalable method of gaining control over all the service aspects that impacted our end consumers.”

18 | Warehouse as key to survival

No-one wants to hold inventory, but no supply chain can function without it. Just because warehouses are regarded as a necessary evil by many companies does not necessarily make them the weakest link in the chain. On the contrary, for some companies their warehouse is the key to their survival. Setting up an efficient operation is not always the top priority. Quality, service level and flexibility are equally important, if not more so.

26 | Facts & Figures Warehousing Costs

28 | Supply chain history: D-Day

Getting supplies to the allied forces was a crucial part of the Normandy Landings and the breakout from Normandy. The supply chains from the USa to the beaches in france were changed drastically, numerous times during the campaign and in the end it was the red Ball express, an improvised system of truck convoys, that got the supplies to the fast-advancing troops on the frontlines.

32 | Mindmap Inventory Management

Inventories represent a considerable part of a company’s working capital. Uncertain economic times require the amount of working capital tied up in inventory to be reduced. But managing stock levels is more complex than it seems. In collaboration with Slimstock, Supply Chain Movement has developed a practically oriented mindmap for inventory management which takes you through all the relevant aspects, including warning signs where necessary.

35 | Tools & Technology

37 | Supply Chain Agenda of Elena Vdovichenko

Nine questions about the topics on the supply chain agenda of a supply chain professional.