Supply Chain Movement Q1 2013: Planning & Visibility

Theme: Planning & Visibility

7  | News & Background

10 | SCM IT Subway Map Europe

12 | Profile Ross Kavanagh, Office Depot

Office Depot is not just a company that sells pens and envelopes. Since opening its first store in Florida in 1986 it has grown into a truly global company. It supplies – right to your desk – anything for the office from coffee cups to computer accessories, paper towels to chairs, stationery to security. It sets itself apart from the growing number of office suppliers through its high commitment to customer service. Ross Kavanagh is at the helm of the Procurement and Supply Chain teams in Europe to ensure this pledge is not broken. He describes himself as bullish and someone who won’t take no for an answer. Under his auspices, failure is not an option!

18 | Cross-border S&OP

The success of international Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) depends on, among other things, how well a company adapts to the local culture when developing and implementing it. Cultural issues are important. We may be able to change the culture of a company, but not the culture of a country.

22 | Mindmap Strategic Transport Optimization

Companies are increasingly realising that transport can have a major influence, not only on customer satisfaction but also on cost patterns, flexibility and sustainability. And transport optimisation offers unique opportunities for innovation in these areas. Together with Ortec, international provider of advanced planning software, Supply Chain Movement has created a mindmap to outline the route, including road signs indicating potential hazards along the way.

24 | Supply Chain Planning & Visibility

Within many companies, supply chain visibility is currently limited to transport activities: they can see the position of their goods in the supply chain and adapt their own approach accordingly. Companies are increasingly taking new steps in terms of supply chain visibility. And once they have insight into their internal supply chain, they are often turning their attention to their suppliers and customers.

31 | Facts & Figures: Supply Chain Visibility

33 | Media

34 | Roundtable forecasting & demand planning

Do you need to be good at forecasting in order to sense, shape and shift market demand? Heineken thinks so. This global market player was one of ten participants sharing their ideas and experiences on forecasting and demand planning during a round-table discussion. Read on to learn the views of the other nine market players.

39 | Tools & Technology

41 | Supply Chain Agenda of Todd Jackson

Boston Scientific is one of the world’s largest medical device companies. Its core business is innovative products for less-invasive treatment of cardiovascular disease, cardiac rhythm management and endoscopic technologies for the treatment of various common medical conditions. It has 15 manufacturing facilities worldwide, has sales in 60 countries and its portfolio comprises more than 13,000 products. Further penetration into emerging markets is making operations even more complex, something Todd Jackson and his team are aiming to simplify.