Supply Chain Movement issue 34 – Digital & Green

Contents Supply Chain Movement 34 – 2019 Q3

Date of appearance: September 27th, 2019

6 | News & background

When it comes to the digital transformation, where should a company start? Gartner’s Mike Burkett examined that question as he kicked off the firm’s annual Supply Chain Executive Conference in Barcelona in June. “We lack a digital roadmap. But nowadays we’ve become accustomed to transforming from being masters of Excel spreadsheets to digital processes.”

11 | Snapshots inNOWvate Supply Chain Event

12 | Profile Gustavo Burger, Kraft Heinz

“Supply Chain is where the magic happens,” says Gustavo Burger, VP operations for Kraft Heinz, Europe, Middle East & Africa. His passion for serving and supporting the business is no illusion and he is a true believer in people first, followed by processes and then leveraging technology in the relentless pursuit of efficiency. “We can do anything in supply chain, from thousands of bottles to a very small batch, but everything has a price tag,” says Burger. The trick is to ensure that complexity does not strangle progress and to migrate the volumetric, middle mile business into a flexible last mile solution while sustaining the core business. His team is currently creating a touchless, self-learning organization and it’s probably the first food company to have outsourced its planning activity.

18 | Trend vision: Involvation

The war from talent is far from over. How should your business tackle it? How can you ensure that your company continues to attract and retain the right people? Here, Alfons Willemsen and Hans van der Drift, partners at Involvation, share their vision on the war for talent.

19 | Checklist Forecasting as a Service

Can your organization benefit from Forecasting as a Service (Faas)? Chainalytics and Supply Chain Media have created a checklist to help you assess whether your organization should outsource its statistical forecasting.

20 | Management: supply chain digitalization

We are in the midst of the transition from one era to the next: moving from the computer age into the digital age, which is dominated mainly by artificial intelligence. Caution is advised during this transition; we should keep our eyes fixed firmly on the path ahead and advance with care, continuously checking that we are on stable ground. Deviating too far from the path could prove fatal.

26: Trend vision: EyeOn

The world is less predictable than it used to be. There is less brand loyalty among consumers, and growing combinations of products, channels and customers are making companies’ product portfolios ever-more complex. According to André Vries, Managing Partner and Senior Consultant at EyeOn, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to decide how best to act. In this article, he explains what they should do to cope with this changing landscape.

27 | Facts & Figures: Survey SCM Trend Compass

28 | Trend Compass: From strategy to technology

If companies are to survive in today’s rapidly changing world, they need to align their strategies and supply chains with various megatrends, macrotrends and microtrends. To help them, Supply Chain Media has developed the Trend Compass which links the latest technological developments to corporate strategies. As the basis for analysing the wide-ranging impact of the various trends, Supply Chain Media surveyed 115 supply chain managers and directors from wholesale, retail and manufacturing as well as several managers from logistics service providers. The survey explored which trends are affecting their companies, what drives their customers and what it all means for their business strategies and associated supply chains.

33 | Opinion: Supply chain dilemmas

Digitalization, globalization and sustainability are forcing companies to make choices. Privacy seems to be at odds with transparency and visibility. Supply Chain Media asked a number of supply chain directors for their reactions to some topical statements.

36 | Trend vision: DSV

Consumer buying behaviour is changing and the market is restless. Why exactly? Which challenges does this pose for businesses? And where should we look to find solutions? Meinderdjan Botman, CCO of DSV Solutions, provides his vision on the e-commerce world.

37 | Checklist: Inbound Logistics

Are your inbound activities communicated clearly and is there visibility for all stakeholders? Pro Alliance and Supply Chain Media have developed a checklist to help you find out.

38 | Mindmap sustainable supply chains

In conjunction with Circular IQ, Supply Chain Media has developed a mindmap for sustainable supply chains which outlines the route towards sustainable business models and operational processes, including warning signs highlighting potential hazards along the way.

40 | Sustainability success factor for Heineken

41 | Facts & Figures: Sustainable supply chains

42 | Big data and analytics key to sustainability

47 | Checklist: Dock scheduling

Is the loading and unloading of trucks a bottleneck for your supply chain? Alpega and Supply Chain Media have created this checklist to help you assess wheter your organization could benefit from a better slot booking process.

49 | Agenda of Thomas Panzer (Bayer)

“The need for supply chain reliability has never been more important.”

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