Supply Chain Movement issue 25 – Supply Chain Planning & Tools

Contents Supply Chain Movement 25 – 2017 Q2

Date of appearance: May 12th, 2017

6 |  News & Background

  • Four tips for successful S&OP implementation
  • Winner of last quarter: Benetton
  • Loser of last quarter: Fonterra
  • Supply chain software evolves dramatically

8 |  Snapshots: Workshop on Supply Chain Women

10 |  SCM IT Subway Map Europe 2017

There are clear signs of a breakthrough in the use of cloud-based supply chain software. Two important application areas are transport planning and Sales & Operations Planning. Furthermore, we are seeing strong growth in software for demand-driven MRP and there are a few cases of production planning being done in conjunction with suppliers. the growth of e-commerce is creating increased demand for order management software. as supply chain networks become ever-more complex, risk management software is becoming desirable or even essential. The 2017 version of supply Chain movement’s SCM IT Subway Map visualizes these developments.

13 |  Checklist Demand Planning

Understanding the characteristics of a best-in-class Demand orchestration process is important to determine how to improve your company’s demand planning capabilities.

14 |  Profile Patrick Dittli, Global Director Supply Chain Management, Metro

Global wholesaler metro/makro Cash & Carry launched In october 2015 a new operating model, appointed an operating board and embarked on a new strategy: Its global headquarters in Germany largely decentralised operations and gave a higher degree of responsibility and autonomy to the countries in order to bring value creation even closer to the customer. New sales channels opened including food distribution, which previously was not a core priority for the business. Patrick Dittli (44) was appointed in 2014 to support and coordinate the supply chains around the world. His end-to-end mindset and understanding of the impact that supply chain has on procurement, customer facing, finance, systems, and personnel has been essential as metro is building up its multi-channel competence. “we are in middle of a broad transformation programme to become a more customer demand-driven organisation across the various route-to-markets and sales channels,” explains Dittli.

20 |  Management: Advanced analytics heralds a new S&OP phase

If you want to utilize the Sales & Operations Planning (S&oP) opportunities to the full, you will need to segment your supply chain. the first step is to identify different patterns of demand, but segmentation also entails defining the right ways to respond to those demand patterns. modern tools based on advanced analytical techniques for forecasting and simulation are indispensable.

27 |  Checklist Integrated Business Planning

The ultimate objective of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is to deliver tangible business results – things like increased revenues and margins, and greater market share. For many organizations, however, the initial motivation for implementing IBP is merely to improve processes – forecast accuracy or controlling reducing inventory for example. this seriously underestimates the power and value of IBP. Consultancy firm oliver wight and Supply Chain media have put together this checklist to help you get the best out of IBP.

28 |  What Supply Chain Managers can learn from the Vikings

When the phone rings at my company Plus 7, it’s usually for one of two reasons: either the caller wants to establish a business venture with a Chinese partner and has no idea how or where to begin, or the caller is extremely frustrated about the nature of a current partnership and wants it fixed – right now.

33 |  Self-assessment of e-fulfilment

Many companies face the same dilemma: should they do e-commerce themselves or outsource it? And should they outsource only their logistics activities, or also customer service and marketing? So when is outsourcing the right solution? XPO Logistics and Supply Chain Media have created a self-assessment tool which enables you to discover how much help you need, based on your symptoms and external factors.

35 |  Facts & figures: Customer segmentation in the supply chain

37 |  Checklist Transport Procurement

Most companies with a Transport Management System (TMS) in place have a wide range of transport data available to use in transport optimization efforts or as the basis for transport tenders. without access to external freight market intelligence, however, you have to rely on internal company data and carriers’ input to understand where to focus your procurement efforts and what is good go-to-market timing.

38 |  Tools & Technology

  • First SAP-certified DDMRP Software
  • E2Open releases Plug-and-Play Integration with Oracle and SAP

41 |  The Sermon of Carlos Cordón, IMD

Technology is rendering the old fundamentals of supply chain management obsolete. In Russia, Adidas increased sales in Moscow by double digits in 24 hours thanks to a supply chain initiative. Meanwhile, Amazon is looking at using drones to deliver products – a very expensive move, but one the company says will increase sales. Supply chain management is no longer merely a matter of delivering the right quality at the lowest cost, with the agreed service level. Like Adidas and Amazon, it’s time to use technology to increase sales; efficiency, working capital reduction and inventory management alone are not enough.