Supply Chain Movement 46 | Digital & Green supply chains

Digital & Green supply chains

The main theme of the Q3, 2022 issue of quarterly Supply Chain Movement is Digital & Green supply chains. Download this issue for free below.

Publication Date: September 29, 2022

12 | Profile Alexandre Baubert

“Live the purpose. Embrace the values and dare to innovate to serve your customer!” Motivating words from Alexandre Baubert who left a top job in the oil and gas sector to work for lighting company Signify. Carbon- neutral since 2020, sustainability and climate actions have been at the heart of Signify for years and, as CSCO, Baubert aims to further fulfi l that company purpose. He was educated in electronics engineering, and space science with a true aptitude for math. “I’m a real numbers guy,” ideal for a company that is transforming from conventional to digital lighting, providing products, solutions and data services through its smart energy-saving lighting technologies. Some call him their ‘fearless leader’ and he’s certainly had to show courage and resilience recently. “Since I joined in October 2019, we’ve faced extremely disrupted supply chain ecosystems, and the pressure is not easing ahead. We must anticipate, decide, and execute faster than ever before in this new norm, where resiliency is a competitive weapon, that you learn to sharpen, as you exit every cycle stronger than you entered it.”

20 | Management: Supply Chain innovation

Innovation is essential in order to digitize and integrate supply chains and to make them sustainable from end to end, which means that they are continuously in a state of transformation. But how can you ensure that they transform successfully? The inNOWvate Supply Chain Event illustrated the importance of a good story based on a clear purpose. Sanofi’s Tariq Farooq, who was recently named as Europe’s number one supply chain executive, stated: “Everything ultimately revolves around one thing: connecting the dots.”

28 | Ecosystem Household Products

Due to numerous disruptions and rapidly changing needs, the market has evolved from traditional, largely stable linear supply chains into dynamic global supply chain ecosystems. During the pandemic, the market for household products experienced new challenges and unexpected surges in demand. To support the necessary collaboration and digitalization, software vendor Oracle and Supply Chain Magazine have visualized the ecosystem for household products, showing the interrelationships between suppliers, buyers, service providers.

32 | Management: Sustainability

Businesses will soon be expected to report on their Scope 3 emissions. To be more precise, they will need to obtain carbon emissions data from their suppliers, customers and logistics service providers. Sending them lengthy questionnaires isn’t going to work. Various start-ups offer a solution in the shape of smart tools that ease the burden on companies and their supply chain partners.

41 | Roadmap Resilient and sustainable supply chain

A resilient and sustainable supply chain helps everyone – no matter how their needs and requirements evolve. Suppliers gain operational efficiencies that motivate their own sustainability strategies. Customers align with partners who support their efforts. Communities benefit from corporate neighbours who are environmentally and socially accountable. According to Nielsen*, 72% of consumers prefer to buy from environmentally friendly brands, while 73% say they’re willing to change their consumption habits to reduce environmental impact. Logility, in collaboration with Supply Chain Media, created this roadmap to pave the way for a resilient and sustainable supply chain.

* Source: Nielsen IQ 2019

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