Supply Chain Movement 14 – 3PL

Contents Supply Chain Movement 14 – 2014 Q3

7 | News & Background

– The impact of big data on the value chain
– Winner and Loser of the last quarter
– Growing differentiation among logistics service providers

12 | 3PL Subway Map

Things are looking up for European logistics service providers. Their clients (shippers) are increasingly outsourcing logistics services to third-party specialists. So far, however, no logistics service provider offers complete European coverage in terms of both warehousing and transport. The European 3PL market remains fragmented but relatively straightforward. For the second consecutive year, Supply Chain Movement has put together a 3PL Subway Map Europe showing the specific services of the most important logistics service providers with offices in several European countries.

14 | Profile Lars Syberg, Tiger Stores

If you’ve not been into a Tiger store yet, it probably won’t be long before you do. The company is growing so fast it’s virtually flying and the supply chain is running on a wing and a prayer. It’s been dubbed the posh pound store in the UK and the Danish company is certainly bringing style to discount shopping across Europe. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit it continues to open about three stores a week and launches 300 new products per month. Lars Syberg tends to shake things up but this time he was brought in to stabilise the supply chain.

20 | 3PL tendering

Apart from a few exceptions, logistics service providers do not make life easy for shippers. They will sometimes make all kinds of promises in order to secure a contract with little regard for how they will deliver on them. The result is a ‘murky’ market in which shippers have to spend a lot of time on selecting the right logistics partner. And another thing: logistics service providers could definitely take a more proactive approach to shippers.

27 | Facts & Figures outsourcing & collaboration

28 | Mindmap Supply Chain Execution 24/7

Customers are becoming more demanding all the time: they increasingly expect personalised offers, available globally and round the clock. Such huge pressure on sales is also dragging the supply chain department(s) towards an ever-higher service level. Together with Consafe Logistics, a supplier of supply chain execution software, Supply Chain Movement has created this Supply Chain Execution Mindmap to outline the route, including road signs indicating potential hazards along the way.

30 | Supply chains on film

A growing number of scenes in films and television programmes – and even entire films and TV series – are about logistics and supply chain management, and media productions are going ever deeper into those business roles. Supply chain professionals can learn a lot from Hollywood about outsourcing, sustainability, Big Data, innovation, supply chain strategy and risk management. A round-up of the most important films and TV series: fiction with a reallife message.

37 | self-assessment How to improve your Business Performance

Most of the data associated with processes such as Order to Cash, Materials to Products and Procure to Pay are in your SAP ERP system. That is the good thing, but it leads to the next question: is this data truly information and does it provide you with the necessary insights?

39 | Tools & Technology

-Streamlined logistics tenders

41 | Supply Chain Agenda of Marion Kohlmeier

A new car needs a stunning new look and at the same time the components need to be durable, functional and lightweight. Plastics can be combined with aluminum, chrome and stainless steel to provide the finishing touch and reflect the carmaker’s corporate identity. But getting it just right, scaling up production and ensuring that the supply chain will be in place to meet demand for a new car launch can take a couple of years. Swiss company, Weidmann Plastics Technology has more than 70 years experience in injection molding and has a range of unique and innovative technologies that allow plastic materials with different flexibility, elasticity and strength to be joined in one process step. Supply chain planning is an integrated and essential aspect of each new development and the department is involved from the prototype stage. Marion Kohlmeier is responsible for the supply chain design of new projects.