Supply Chain Movement 12 – People Business

Contents Supply Chain Movement 12 – 2014Q1

7 | News & Background

– Supply chain excellence as competitive advantage
– An overview of pan-European supply chain advice

12 | SCM Consulting Subway Map

14 | Profile Laurent Thaumine, Celio*

Most supply chain executives cry out for simplicity. Laurent Thoumine, VP Supply Chain of men’s fashion group, Celio*, faces an overwhelming web of complexity. By being multinational, multi-sourcing, multi-channel and with multi lifecycle products, every change in the market place is multiplied he says. The evolution towards the digital environment and omni merchandising is reinventing the business. “Everything is moving at an amazing pace. It is really exciting but we have to reinvent the business model almost every day.” In the last two years Celio* has made a “quantum leap” in IT to enable it keep pace. It’s using social media to enhance forecasting and the customer experience and it’s investing in algorithms to bring visibility to the multi-channel sales environment.

14 | To outsource forecasting or not?

A growing number of consultancies are offering to take care of companies’ forecasting and planning processes. That makes sense, say advocates of this approach, because the specific knowledge and expertise needed – in particular for forecasting – is in increasingly short supply on the labour market. That’s a bad move, say opponents of the idea, because outsourcing leaves a significant dent in the quality of the forecasting process as a whole. To compound the dilemma even further, companies who outsource risk losing valuable knowledge which is not so easy to reacquire.

29 | Facts & Figures supply chain employment market

30 | Case study forecasting at Nestlé

Forecasting product demand will never by 100% perfect but it is possible to reduce the error of judgment. Nestlé is revitalising its Demand Forecasting process in Europe, relying on analytics to predict the demand for low-volatile products. This is giving planners more time to forecast demand for promotions and the volatile products, the socalled Mad Bulls.

34 | Mind map for Order Management 2.0

Global competition is forcing companies to optimally manage the orders they have scored. Supply chain execution software can coordinate the necessary alignment process between the various systems within the network. Together with MP Objects, supplier of supply chain software, Supply Chain Movement has created a mindmap for innovative order management, including a handy description of the route and with road signs indicating potential hazards along the way.

37 | Book reviews

– The Firm: The Story of McKinsey and Its Secret Influence on American Business
– Financing Trade and International Supply Chains
– Supply Chain Visibility. From Theory to Practice

39 | Tools & Technology

– Same-day delivery

41 | Supply Chain Agenda

Dejan VirijeviÇ, Director Supply Chain Serbia Bosnia & Herzegovina at Delhaize Group

Serbia is often overlooked as it nestles geographically and politically between east and west. It has a free trade agreement with the EU and a bilateral agreement with Russia yet the Maxi chain of supermarkets is committed to sourcing locally. Since opening its first supermarket in Serbia in 2000 it has grown into a leading food retailer with 360 stores under the Maxi and Tempo brand names. These brands have become synonymous with a wide assortment of fresh produce and a place for family shopping. Three years ago the company joined the Belgium-based, multi-national food retailer, the Delhaize Group. While it has some 3,400 stores around the world, the takeover reinforced the company’s pledge to offer Serbian customers a locally differentiated shopping experience. Dejan Virijević has been with the company for 11 years and is responsible for the supply chain in Serbia and the 40 stores in neighbouring Bosnia & Herzegovina.