Supply Chain Metrics that Matter

Corporate performance is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. Supply Chain Metrics That Matter makes this truth clear enough with its thorough analysis of recent multi-industry performance trends. The research shows that continually building value at all points along the value chain is the key to sustained success. And continually building value means continually changing. Supply Chain Metrics That Matter was written to guide businesses through the change process with a measurementbased outlook that will help any organization stand the test of time.

By using a fictionalized case that aggregates the author’s three years of intensive research, Supply Chain Metrics That Matter provides an engaging and useful way to think about value and performance. By following “Joe,” the leader of a major multinational corporation, readers will see their own concerns given voice. There is also value to considering the nitty-gritty details of how Joe designs, implements, and measures his goal, all the while striving to create companywide alignment.

Change can be risky. The process of implementing metrics that will help identify value creation opportunities certainly counts as a change, and leaders need to know that their efforts will be rewarded before they begin large-scale projects. Peppered with real-world examples from across industries, Supply Chain Metrics That Matter reinforces ideas with evidence. Author Lora Cecere has also included the methods and measures that form the foundation of her value-chain analyses. Readers will proceed with certainty knowing which variables are worth tracking.

With chapters on value-chain indices specific to the consumer, health-care, industrial, and automotive sectors, Supply Chain Metrics That Matter will appeal to a broad audience. Leaders in every industry put their companies at risk by resting on corporate laurels. Instead, we should all be working to identify opportunities for growth and improvement at every step along the business process. Supply Chain Metrics That Matter is a story about how to do just that.

‘Supply Chain Metrics that Matter’ (2014), by Lora Cecere. Published by Wiley, 400 pages, €48.00


Lora M. Cecere is the founder of the research firm Supply Chain Insights. She is the author of the enterprise software blog Supply Chain Shaman, which attracts 5,000 readers weekly. She also writes a blog for Forbes and is a LinkedIn Influencer. Currently, Lora’s research focuses on supply chain sensing and revenue management. Her supply chain experience includes specialist roles at AMR Research, Clorox, Gartner Group, Kraft, and Procter & Gamble.