Supply Chain Media launches one-minute videos

one-minute videos
The video format continues to gain in importance, and time is becoming ever-more precious. The European media company Supply Chain Media has decided to combine these two trends by launching a series of one-minute videos via its own YouTube channel on 23 October. The ‘Supply Chain Minutes’ videos are aimed at educating viewers in a concise and engaging manner.


“In my opinion, video is playing an increasingly important role in how business people absorb knowledge,” says Martijn Lofvers, CEO & Chief Trendwatcher at Supply Chain Media. “In collaboration with the Dock35 studio, we’ve already recorded four green-screen videos. In one of them, I explain the similarities between the various business disciplines and soccer players on the pitch.”


The first video to be launched is about the Strategy Compass, a model for devising a supply chain strategy based on customer needs. In the next video, Lofvers explains how to create a mindmap based on the company strategy for execution and communication purposes. Another one-minute video is based around Supply Chain Media’s well-known IT Subway Map showing all the types of supply chain software currently available. These videos will be released in the coming weeks.


To receive automatic notification each time a new video is added, supply chain professionals can subscribe to the brand-new YouTube channel here. Download the Strategy Compass here.