Supply Chain Media cracked the code for B2B-Marketing

Supply chain decision-makers are continually looking for solutions which can help them succeed in a rapidly changing market. How can providers of supply chain solutions reach those decision-makers effectively?

By combining the Cycle of Kolb and the AIDA model Supply Chain Media has developed an integrated approach for co-created content together with partners to reach Supply Chain Professionals worldwide. This approach generated over 12,000 leads in about 2 years’ time.

Create brand awareness

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why advertisements featuring an original and inspiring image continue to be an effective way of creating brand awareness – and that is the starting point for securing a position in decision-makers’ minds.

Arouse the target group’s interest

Decision-makers on the lookout for potential supply chain solutions like to read case studies about successful projects. Developing and publishing customer testimonials is an excellent way to do this, especially when they are designed in the company’s house style and feature a recognisable logo.

Activate the desire for information

By creating a visual mindmap, an easy-to-use self-assessment tool or a handy checklist, providers of supply chain solutions can demonstrate their strengths as thought leaders. Valuable and relevant content appeals to decision-makers’ information needs.

Generate leads

Publishing thought-provoking, ‘gated’ content online and promoting it through social media such as LinkedIn generates relevant leads. After initial filtering, the remaining qualified leads can be invited to attend events, webinars or 1-on-1 meetings.


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