Supply Chain Insights survey on green supply chain

Survey 150x150What is the scope, nature and performance of your sustainability goals? How aligned are your sustainability and supply chain programs? Supply Chain Insights are conducting a second wave of their Green Supply Chain survey, to see how things have changed. The objective of this survey is to understand the alignment between companies’ corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals with their supply chain programs.

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In this survey, the researchers ask people about the scope, nature and performance of their company’s sustainability goals as well as how these goals are balanced with supply chain goals. Last year it appeared 92 percent of the respondents publicly share their sustainability goals but only 20 percent apply sustainability goals to the entire value network. The second wave of the study is meant to track changes with regard to last year.

In exchange for taking the survey, Supply Chain Insights will share the results with participants helping them to benchmark the company against peers. Plus, Supply Chain Insights is offering all participants a personalized, one-hour phone call to review the results.

The survey is for Manufacturers, Retailers and Wholesalers/Distributors/Co-operatives with corporate social responsibility or sustainability goals.

Green SC Research outcome