Supply Chain Golf 2019 attracts record number of participants

Supply Chain Golf

Due to the record number of participants attending this year’s Supply Chain Golf Tournament on Friday 5 July, the competition was based around the best-ball format for the first time. Flight 2 emerged as the winner of this sixth edition of the annual international 18-hole golf tournament held at the Amsterdam Golf Club, which was scored in line with the Stableford point system. This year’s event was once again co-organized by logistics service provider DSV Solutions and Supply Chain Media, publisher of Supply Chain Magazine and Supply Chain Movement.

By Marysa Vos

The previous five editions of the annual golf tournament were all held as individual Stableford competitions in which each player is responsible for their own score. However, this year’s Supply Chain Golf Tournament took the format of a best-ball competition involving ten teams in total. In a best-ball competition, which is also known as ‘Texas Scramble’, players work together in ‘flights’ (teams of four players). Each player in the flight tees off at the start of the hole, and then the members of the flight agree on which of the four shots has ended up in the ‘best-ball position’. They then all take their next shot from that position, and so on. To prevent players with low handicaps from dominating the competition too much, an extra rule was applied stipulating that the same player couldn’t be responsible for the best ball twice in a row.

Supply Chain GolfDuring the sixth edition of the Supply Chain Golf Tournament, Flight 2 (pictured right) achieved the best Stableford score in the best-ball competition. In addition to the official trophy and a smaller trophy for them to keep, the team members – Jan Roodenburg (formerly of HPE), Edwin de Boer (Cisco), Arnd Olschewski (Bader) and Hylke de Cock (Ownpower) – each received a luxury 56-degree Sand Wedge sponsored by Hans-Christian Brockmann from Eccenca.

Golf Forecasting Accuracy Game

Besides the 18-hole best-ball competition based on the commonly accepted Stableford point system, the participants also played the Golf Forecasting Accuracy Game in which they had to predict how many shots they expected to need to complete each hole. The final score also took into account the predicted number and actual number of lost balls during the game.

Supply Chain GolfThe team that made the best overall prediction of the number of shots needed plus the total number of lost balls was Flight 9 (pictured left), which comprised Eric Yntema (Wey Strategy Consultants), Dan Ipsen (Uber), Hans-Christian Brockmann (Eccenca, not on the photo) and Rob Holtslag (Pincvision). They also each received a 56-degree Sand Wedge.

Henning Rubech (Ricoh) won the ‘Nearest the Pin’ and Maarten van Orden (Slimstock) achieved the ‘Longest Drive’.

Professional Joyce Chong at Supply Chain Golf

Before the tournament got under way, 28-year-old Dutch professional golfer Joyce Chong (pictured below) shared her personal story about her journey to the top. Right from the start of her career, Chong regarded her body as a machine and firmly believed in its potential. She was convinced that she could reach the top if she trained long enough and hard enough. This determined mindset enabled her to go far; after years of persistence and a tough training schedule, she became ranked 21st in Europe following a 9-hole competition.

Supply Chain GolfBut Chong also gave the attendees an insight into the downside of top-level sport. Her well-oiled machine started running out of fuel and she decided to follow medical advice and take a holiday. That resulted in a discovery: that she performs better as a golfer when she allows herself some rest after a period of hard work. Her message to the professionals at the event was that they should also allow themselves enough rest in order to avoid hasty decision-making, frustration and mistakes at work. She rounded off her presentation by inviting the participants to join her in a breathing exercise.

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