Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Creating Value-Adding Networks

It is not completely new, this ‘Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Creating Value-Adding Networks’: the first edition appeared as early as 1992. But the author, Martin Christopher, marketing and logistics professor at Cranfield School of Management, has completely updated this third edition.

The book discusses all of the important subjects relating to logistics and Supply Chain Management and uses extensive, well-chosen cases to this end, including Dell, Li & Fung, Walmart and Zara. An entirely new addition is the chapter about risk management in the Supply Chain, including an explanation of the currently highly popular Six Sigma method and the fascinating case of Nokia vs. Ericsson as a result of a disastrous power failure at Philips in 2000.

This book is an absolute must-have for every manager who wants to (again) feel that all the aspects of Supply Chain Management are being discussed at a strategic level.